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Plasma Blobs

What's the boast?

We believe that Plasma Blobs is the leading producer of original content on this planet, as far as we can tell! We serve the UK and USA markets.

When were you born?

We created the company Plasmablobs Ltd in 2020 - the best year in living history to start a company. We are a gorgeous mix of brave and stupid.

Is Plasmablobs to do with blood plasma or blood cells?

No, not blood plasma - that's the wrong Plasma!

The inspiration for "Plasmablobs" came from an unknown fact that Plasmablobs are a gaseous substance emitted from stars, like the sun. They are the fastest objects in the universe, travelling 99% of the speed of light; Woah!

We aim to scale like that, given our dedication and passion for the business.

What do you do?

At Plasmablobs, we take a humorous, cartoonish, original approach to our products - that's how we like it - anything else is boring. 

We automagically print this hilarious content on quality products to deliver to you for free!

How do you do it?

Our creative process starts with searching for fresh insights into the world's most pervasive themes as seen through a unique lens. 

Our review of funny jokes and themes in life and work create all-new characters and situational content for you to enjoy. 

Why do you do it?

Dare to take your imagination on an adventure that ends up going beyond what you were expecting? Well, search no more, as we've found the company for you!

Our company is taking a creative journey into the unknown. We use technology, art and humour, just what it takes for us to come alive. Now that we have started, we can't stop!

Tell us some more...

At Plasmablobs, we never run out of fresh ideas, new characters and additional products, searching for genuinely original gifts for friends and loved ones.

Producing original, hilarious, and brilliantly colourful content that can't be found anywhere else; it's Plasmablobs, the company. 

Searching for Mr/s Right?

Hey, why not search for your favourite product? Go on, take a good old look and have a nose around.

Friends with benefits?

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