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Cushion the blow!

[Created: 25 Mar 20, updated 21 Apr]

Plasmablobs - the start-up

I'd encourage people to try to make new friends even in the mid-life stage. Clearly this is difficult to do right now, but maybe in a few months? 

In my case, although I'd known a colleague superficially for a number of years I didn't really know him that well. We just said "hello" with a genuine smile and that was that. Yet on going to the pub, after I had gate-crashed someone else's evening, I found that instantly clicked with this colleague humour-wise. We both hadn't laughed as much before on a night out and that night we vowed to set up a business doing comedy products!

This is probably a common thing for people to do and then they return back to normal life and forget all about it.

Well in our case, I'm chuffed to say that we've come good on the promise - we've launched the Plasma Blobs store! Yes, as of 21 Apr 20, it has 3 product collections, with 11 comedy themes and multiple product options ready to be purchased. The beauty of this shop is that the products can be drop-shipped internationally, accepting payments with any currency - Covid 19 delays/exclusions permitting.

So that's not bad considering that we had the idea in Oct 19 and we were up and running by Mar-20. That is the speed of Plasmablobs - the fastest thing in the universe!

Strange times during a Global Pandemic

It's a strange time to start a business. I guess we really didn't think that Covid19 would be so huge. In fact, until the end of Feb-20 I don't think it really crossed my mind.

Now it feels like a real time of fear and uncertainty. However, it's important to have some hope for the future and a few laughs, for relief if nothing else.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm constantly hounded via WhatsApp with the latest funny image or video. While there's an obvious theme there, it's heart-warming that people are reaching out to one another to try and amuse each other. Especially given that there's nothing else to do in many cases.


I'll be honest. I'm a bloke and I didn't think that I'd be selling cushions! However, we have the capability to produce them and the artwork we've created just happens to be ever so colourful, as well as funny. So it feels like a cushion is a great way to express the joke and the situation. I really hope that you enjoy them and they bring a smile to your face. It has done for me, while getting them ready. I'm quite proud and I think that we're quite different.

Signing off

The above was my first blog! I've been technology crazy for years but I've never blogged. I hope it was enjoyable and I may well do it again!
One last thing, have a look at these lovely cushions below - WOW! ;)

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