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News - mobile phone snap cases and tough cases

[Created: 14 Apr 20, updated 7 May]
Hi folks,
Last night, I introduced a new supplier for the mobile phone cases - just iPhone and Samsung models but over 4 or more generations.
The UK shipping costs are now free in the UK.
The product costs are also incredibly low with an introductory sale price for a limited period, depending on demand.

  • Mobile Phone Snap Cases from £15.
  • Mobile Tough Cases from £20.
That's an incredibly good deal for a mobile phone case. I'm very excited about this as I think it'll prove to be extremely popular! You can see a video example of a snap case on our Facebook or Instagram page.
That, combined with a new customer discount of 10%, means a stunning bargain. 
All orders are shipped within 72 hours (99% success rate). UK orders are sent next day RM24. EU orders are sent tracked and generally take 3-6 days. USA/ROW orders typically take 6-10 days to arrive. This is all subject to any localised Covid19 delays.
I hope you act now and get a good product and more importantly that you enjoy the humour and have a laugh!
With chuckles,
Dan @ plasmablobs.

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