Birthday cards for boyfriend, funny and fabulous!

Birthday cards for boyfriend, funny and fabulous!

He is just so unique!

In a nutshell, your boyfriend is the most incredible person ever!

If you're struggling to find the right words to encode this sentiment in a birthday card, then at least start with a great image like this.

It's sure to make him happy - and a happy boyfriend is definitely what you want!

What he loves about birthday cards

You know that he enjoys stupid jokes, and a funny birthday card would make the day go like a charm and enhance everyone’s mood!

The best boyfriend birthday card!

In your extensive shopping experience, your local greeting cards shop has some fairly lame and predictable cards, so you wouldn't be able to get anything like this!

Greeting cards usually have jokes you’ve seen 100 times or are not very funny.

You've found the right shop!

Our shop offers an ever-growing range of birthday cards. Our online-only shop has original funny jokes to cater to birthday wishes or fun on any other occasion.

You do the shop, and we create the concepts, imagine the scene and print the funnies on the card.

Created for pure amusement

So you are looking for unique funny boyfriend cards that are envisioned, drawn and polished off by those with a similar sense of the ridiculous!

We have a sense of humour and understand what would make somebody laugh. We enjoy making comical and sometimes rude scenes and take pride in our work as artists.

Drawing the line

We're not your average greeting card company. We don't use generic, pre-existing flowers or cute animals in a static theme.

Instead, we create all our graphics from scratch with colourful vector graphics software, choosing the subject and content of the scene!

Lovely job

Our design team of talented artists love what they do, and that creativity shines through in their work on the site.

The best part is the fantastic variety of different jokes, styles and themes - there's something for everyone!

Funny boyfriend cards - he loves them!

So you want to send funny boyfriend cards soon?

This card is a great boyfriend birthday card. He has a ridiculous sense of humour, and you hope that he will enjoy having a good laugh at your card - it's worth the price!

Combined with your unique birthday greeting message content, he will be sure to enjoy himself, the little birthday card boyfriend that he is.

Happy, so happy!

The man will be happy with this card. He might fall because he is laughing so much. Don't worry, it's good he falls and bursts out laughing! He is happy. HE IS HAPPY!!!

Forget all your troubles

You've had trouble finding the right card for your boyfriend as nowhere had the jokes that he liked. Think how happy he will be when he gets this card and enjoys the content. You and he like that there are comedy cartoon illustrations. It's better than pictures of flowers, photos of hedges, or action shots on lawnmowers, or a pile of similar tools for gardening.

The most fantastic boyfriend cards online!

All of our designs are printed on high-quality card stock, and every card is individually packed in a cellophane wrap before being posted to you.

Don’t forget to write your own special birthday greeting message when it arrives! Include some jokey or rude comments, as you're already on a roll!

What's your favourite colour?

You will enjoy the vibrant colours in the funny pictures and comic scenes. The creative ideas are novel and unusual.

The jokes are easy to understand with simple bubble comments and not too much to read.

Pick a winner!

We have a lovely selection of cards for those who want to say silly things and happy birthday! You can pick out the best card, and we will do the rest.

Your wait is over! Choosing whichever kind of card you prefer, it'll arrive in brilliant condition so you can get it ready to write and give it to him straight away. No more rubbish birthday cards! Hey, not bad for the price, which includes free delivery.

Wide choice

We do not want to stay with anyone joke because it is boring and there are so many different ways to have fun with someone who has a sense of humour!

We have funny cards and some rude cards for when people want something different. Our cards are printed on quality paper in the UK. They look great!

Find anything else in the experience

For the images and fun experience we have crafted for you, we particularly like the colourful backgrounds to set the context for the central joke. 

Besides the jokes, most people want to see beautiful stuff, so the background colours on this card are of such high quality.

You can't always see it in online cards, but when you receive the card in real life and inspect it closely, you will see fantastic looking detail.

Any hidden gems?

We often include a secondary amusement factor to complement it. This could be background characters, knock-on jokes, or other stuff to complete the scene. 

The speech bubbles deliver the setup and punchline for the joke. The cartoon style is very satisfying to the eye, and the colours pop.

  • The birthday cards are blank inside so that you can write your special message to send.
  • A white envelope included.
  • You have the option to purchase a single card or discounted packs of 10 cards.
Product dimensions and weight:
  • The larger A5 card measures 8.3” x 5.8” (21.1cm x 14.7cm)
  • The smaller card measures 7” x 5” (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
  • Both cards are made from 330gsm high-quality premium Fedrigoni card.
Once packaged - same day dispatch is triggered

Order a card from our shop, optionally create an account, and your birthday cards are printed on demand in the UK which takes 1-3 days.

Once packaged, same day dispatch is triggered from the UK. The actual delivery takes 1-2 days, depending on your tracked or free delivery choice.

We will send these funny birthday cards as soon as possible. Our customers enjoy the quality materials we use, our attention to detail and our friendly service.

These are only available via our UK based online store or associated social media shops. You won’t find them in typical bricks-and-mortar stores on the high street. 

Birthday cards for boyfriend - funny and great!

He's lucky his girlfriend has found this shop for funny boyfriend cards and stuff. It could have been a very different story, boo hoo!

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