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Top Reasons Why You Should Get A Cushion As Your Next Gift

How could you gift a friend or loved one something they would love that's not just one of those custom greeting cards? Cushions are a thoughtful home accessory that people love to receive. Some reasons for that include:

They're Great for Pets

Pet cushions are a wonderful present for a dog or cat owner. They provide a comfy spot for their pet while doubling as a stylish accessory.

Large cushions are best for this purpose because they can be placed on the floor, providing an area for pets to sleep on. These cushions fit the bill perfectly because they are durable and soft recycled plastic bottle material — just one more reason to feel good about giving this year.

They're Handy

Many cushions are reversible, with a plain or semi-plain back in a different colour than the front. If you choose this option when creating a custom cushion, you effectively get two pillows for one price; you can switch them depending on the room or season.

They're Perfect for Kids, Too

There are a variety of designs of kids' cushions available, depending on your child's age. Alphabet embroideries will have your child reaching out for the playful, whimsical designs that will make them giggle. Or opt for a more subtle yet still playful design that will sit well in any teen's bedroom. Don't forget to complement it with a custom greeting card for maximum humour.

They Can Be Personalised and Customised

Know someone who loves gardening? The weather doesn't stop them from enjoying their favourite outdoor hobby. For a gift that's sure to bring a smile, why not choose a cushion inspired by their passion?

You can also customise cushions according to your preference. Custom cushions allow you to choose the backing fabric and add a contrast piping or a fringe edge. For a truly unique look, consider applying gimp or braiding across the surface of plain fabric.

Cushions Spruce Up Interior Design

Much like a blank canvas on a blank wall, patterned cushions and bedspreads can be works of art. They inject colour and cheer into your home, finding styles that suit the user's personality.

When decorating a room from scratch, it's easy to overlook the finishing touches, such as cushions or throws. Matching the texture and pattern of the pillow to a certain wallpaper or paint colour can finish off a space. That's why receiving a cushion or throw as a gift makes it so unique.

Simple cushions don't have to be boring with fabrics to choose from. If you aren't sure what pattern or colour to go for, consider a plain cushion in a soft hue that matches your interior scheme. You can add a velvet or chenille edging to a fabric cushion or even choose leather or fabric as the primary material for an edging.

If you want to get cushions to match your existing furniture, they should be plain because they go with everything. They also add both style and comfort to a room.

There's Always Room for Cushions

Even if your home is relatively small, you can probably add a few cushions to the interiors to brighten it or create nooks, like a window seat or armchair. Not only will the fantastic print or texture of the pillow decorate your room, but it will also offer you a comfortable place to sit.

Time to Give More Than Custom Greeting Cards

While they can seem like a last-minute gift idea, cushions are a tiny gesture that can significantly impact a person's life. Keep in mind that deep thought must go into its selection, ensuring it aligns with the receiver's personality and style to be of the utmost use in their home.

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