Fun and Witty Things That You Can Write on a Birthday Card

Fun and Witty Things That You Can Write on a Birthday Card

Whenever one of our family, friends, or loved ones has an upcoming birthday celebration, we are given the task to write down something inspiring and lighthearted on their birthday cards. While there is nothing wrong with giving out well-wishes, more often than not, our dedications tend to be boring and very formative.

That said, you can actually shake things up by writing something witty, fun, and helpful in the birthday card instead. Below are just a few examples.

1. Confuse Them by Making up a Story That Never Happened

Have you ever heard the saying, "The best lie is a truth that no one will ever believe." Well, if the person you are writing the birthday card for is filled with enthusiasm and has a creative side to them, why not give them fun things to do with their imagination?

You can talk about all the crazy things that your friend or loved one can do during the upcoming year. If you use anecdotes and metaphors, you can even induce giggles and laughter as well.

2. Express How Proud You Are of Them

Speaking of creative people, they tend to accomplish a lot while they are still young. Many of them are also making their way up the corporate ladder and are becoming highly respected professionals in their career fields. If you knew someone filled with drive, ambition, and great character, you should make a point to write about it on the birthday card.

Moreover, you can also talk about the positive traits that they possess. If you have a very supportive and encouraging friend, you can express how proud you are of the person for being there for you all the time.

3. Remind Them of Their Future

Sometimes, we tend to get so caught up with what is happening right now that we forget about the future. It is important that we get a grip on our present and learn to live in the moment, but we should not forget about the future either.

As you give a birthday card, you can opt to write about the future. You can talk about what wants to happen or the goals that the person has yet to achieve. You can even give them a nudge of encouragement and tell them not to give up on their future.

4. Tell a Secret

What would you think if you were given a birthday card that had nothing but a secret written on it? Obviously, you are going to be extremely curious about what the secret is. That said, it is important that you use this technique when you want to surprise your loved ones.

You can try this instead of saying what will happen in the future or reminiscing about their past events. The secret that you wrote on the birthday card can be about anything. It can be about their personality, their career, or their lifestyle.

5. Create a Joke

You can also write some funny and 'punny' jokes on the birthday card. If you can make your loved one laugh out loud or even smile, then you have already made your presence known. You could also tell an old joke that the person must have heard 19 times already or make up your own.

After all, the best things in life are the ones that we make ourselves. These things could be creative, fun, or even inventive. Whatever they may be, they will surely make the person's day.


Do you have a special way of writing birthday cards? Have you been using the same old lines while writing birthday cards to your loved ones? If so, then this is the time that you can try something new. You can make the person smile and give them an elaborate card that they will never forget for years to come.

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