Why it's essential to seek out funny things

If you have a perfect sense of humour, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the best available jokes.

Humour should ideally be universal. We find that humour transcends products. For example, if you enjoy funny games or films, you'll like our funny phone cases.

Humour of every kind also helps to win hearts and minds. It's an effective tactic because it impresses with its sincerity. Sincerity is a human quality that all products need to have if they want people's trust.

Humour also allows us to be different, for example, by challenging the status quo or watching what happens when innovative ideas integrate into mainstream society.

Humour and evolution

Studies demonstrate links between laughter and how humans have evolved to interact with each other.

We can further understand why humour can help to work as well as it does from looking at how humour exists among other animals.

On top of that, there's some evidence to support the theory that humour and happiness sometimes coincide: Humour is an essential element in helping people cope with stress and get perspective.

The effect of humour on negativity

A study had participants carry out a stressful task outside during natural light or darkness – one group laughed at their predicament. In contrast, the other group just carried on as usual.

Only those who laughed had a reduced level of anxiety, suggesting that humour can help us deal better with stress and other sources of unhappiness.

Think of your day and how you felt. Maybe it was dull or perhaps fantastic. Maybe, your actions were the funniest thing that ever happened to anyone, and if so, we may be underestimating ourselves.

Why mobile phone cases

Have you ever dropped your latest iPhone or Samsung model on a hard surface? If you have, you'll know the frustration of completely breaking the phone, having to pay an expensive repair bill, or having a phone with cosmetic damage.

Get a snap phone case to protect it from scratches and at least a certain amount of drop damage. A snap case is straightforward to replace and often works out cheaper than having to get a new iPhone altogether.

What about tough phone cases?

So you want to protect your new phone. A tough phone case will help provide more protection, usually with a silicon insert or foam air bubbles to try to absorb the shock of a drop.

If you carry your phone with you everywhere, it needs to be really protected! However, you'll be conscious of your budget and whether you are prone to dropping things and taking your phone out often or leaving it at home. We have stock of both types of phone cases.

Let's see what a phone case can do.

  1. The case will protect against any scratches and damages done by everyday life.
  2. It's more comfortable, and it will prevent the phone from slipping out of your pocket.
  3. The buttons are more tactile, and your presses will be more accurate and better adjusted.
  4. The phone case will not add much weight and ensures it's straightforward to hold.
  5. When you put the phone cases on, make sure it's a tight fit as it's important not to have any incidents due to poor fitting cases.

Do you ever lend your phone or tablet to your children?

Children love entertaining mobile games and using screen time. They love using the latest devices or having you keep your old mobile phone for them to use for gaming, or watching movies and so on.

However, your best intentions may mean that you are inadvertently risking damaging your precious phone in your child's hands.

Woah, look out now!

They may not take as much care as you would of your device.

Even lending your phone for a split second may result in an accident and a repair at a high price.

So try to put a mobile phone case on them so that the phones don't get scratched - again an important thing at a young age. We try to encourage this with our range as there are so many designs on the market.

As we know, though, not all phones cases will fit adequately, so you need to make sure yours fits before going shopping.

iPhone case is sorted. What about your tablet?

Protection is not limited to phone cases, and it applies to all mobile devices and tablet devices with large screens that are portable and suitable for sharing.

Due to their size, the cases used on tablets tend to be snap cases and offer just enough protection for the occasional drop.

Why there are limited humorous products on the market

From our research, there appear to be a limited number of good quality humour on new mobile phone cases or tablet cases.

Even when it comes to greeting cards as another example, we find that there aren't enough well-thought-out original products out there.

Not many companies have the time, interest or skill-set to create brand new humour. There's a skill to display the jokes people can enjoy.

How to create humorous products

Good original humour requires significant effort to create thinking about a setup and punchline, either textual, visual or a combination. 

It's hard to get a joke polished enough to trigger a laugh, a snigger, or a just knowing nod to confirm that it's amusing.

How does the joke have an effect?

The cartoon's colours and the joke's target radically impact the overall effect.

The design has to be exceptionally good and well-produced, so we need to test this theory too!

If the punchline strikes home with the recipient of a joke, they'll remember it and get a laugh, even if it jolts the phone out of their hands in the process!

Jokes make you better equipped for dealing with life's problems; how could a joke not help?

Sharing the joke with your friends

The beauty of having a new hilarious mobile phone case is that you can show it to your friends and family when you see them.

Strangers may find it a source of amusement which is an excellent way to meet people who might share the same sense of humour. 

A good sense of humour is the key to living a healthy life. A great way to share one's mobile phone case with friends is by setting up a display in your home or office, where everyone can admire them.

A set of mobile phone cases?

Of course, if you purchase several phone cases, you can keep surprising and amusing friends regularly.

It will be entertaining if you've got several phone cases that you can swap for new and different jokes.

Will you stop at phone cases?

The answer has to be a "please, no!". From our experience, apart from the odd phone case, we have purchased our bright mugs, a cartoon beach towel and some novelty cushions.

Our kids enjoy their hilarious mobile phone cases, which their friends are keen to get hold of too. It is entirely possible as our cases easily beat the competition on price and quality.

Fun cases for kids?

Generally, the humour is child-friendly, apart from the odd joke here and there.

We did not want to do anything too crude or rude or offensive or exclude children from enjoying our website's comedy.

Have a break from gaming and turn your iPhone over for another laugh

Could it be possible that you will spend the entire day laughing?

You can laugh at the amusing games and then laugh again at the back of your new phone case while taking a refreshing screen break. Haha!

Other exclusive offers

Perhaps you might take a nap on the sofa using our comfy comedy cushions. Or, when in the kitchen, you may use one of our humorous mugs to make a tea or a coffee.

Perhaps at the end of the day, after a relaxing bath, you can dry off your bits and bobs with our comedy towels for even more amusement. See for yourself, our shop offers plenty of products to get as gifts.

Will you beat your friends to get one? 

Look, it's not a competition but doesn't everyone like to be a little bit unique when we all tend to use the same kind of devices?

You care about your phone case, which means you might want it to stand out a bit.

You love being different and hanging on to the latest gadgets and fashions, so why not put some comedy into things?

Why will friends like a funny phone case?

People generally like novelty items without even realising that they're laughing! You can give them as gifts for any occasion; birthday parties, office gift baskets etc.

Cartoon cases are great for friends. If you have a friend facing a particular challenge or condition, go ahead and get them one of our new cases for their phone!

What will happen next?

You are doing something incredible - sharing values and an experience you hold dear: friendship and laughter. You will probably find them laughing uncontrollably throughout the day, enjoying the slapstick comedy. They will thank you later.

Our fun cases will ensure that your closeness remains.

You might be the first to collect all the available themes and be gagging to pay us to create some more items!


We've covered why a sense of humour is essential for a happy and healthy life. It helps reduce stress and enhances the positive emotions of happiness, joy, and laughter.

You'll also understand why we encourage you to get new humorous phone cases for our shop. We believe that hilarious cases make great gifts for anyone – whether friends or loved ones.

Who knew that the love of games or movies complements funny mobile phone cases? Er, we did!

Our brand of fun cases will ensure that your phone stands out from everyone else's and keep you laughing hysterically throughout the day.

We encourage you to laugh with your friends and please your family at any opportunity, show them different new products to keep the boredom thresholds low.

We endorse your uniqueness and well-rounded sense of humour, be different, and keep on laughing – it's so good for you!

Thanks for reading!

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