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11 Awesome Gifts to Send to Your Remote Team Members

Employees exchange gifts throughout the holidays and on other important occasions. However, in this day and age of remote work, gathering your team together isn’t always a possibility. Thus, look into the different ways you can make your remote team members feel a sense of community. For example, you can send your team fits in the mail to keep work relationships warm.

Read on to discover these eleven awesome gifts to send to your remote team members.

The Online Team Building

Before focusing on the individual, create a sense of belongingness by bringing the team together. For this, you may plan an online team-building experience to improve remote worker engagement and teamwork.

The Wellness Package

A well-chosen gift box can make your team members feel appreciated. Items in this bundle should make working from home more productive, fun, or luxurious. Perhaps you can include a custom self-stirring mug, a small LED desk lamp, personalised notebooks, and engraved pens.

The Home Relaxation Kit

Items that alleviate stress and improve employee wellness should be included in a home relaxation kit. This kit should provide remote employees with de-stressing and relaxing goods, such as scented candles, incense sticks, vitamins, and herbal teas.

The Home Office Tech Accessories

Everyone could benefit from a technological boost, especially when they work from home. Home office tech accessories can increase productivity and comfort for remote teams across your company.

The Coworking Membership

Coworking space memberships provide home-based workers with a fresh remote-working experience. If you have staff that cannot work from home for different reasons, this membership could help them power through days of sluggish internet and power blackouts.

The Custom Virtual Group Card

With a custom virtual group card, your remote team members will have an easier time sending celebratory messages to one another. This could make it simple yet entertaining to collect comments and donations from family, friends, and coworkers.

Consider this a virtual way to recognize someone's birthday and career milestones. Personal messages containing photographs, videos, GIFs, and even money can be a great way to celebrate the different members of your team.

The Houseplant

Plants, according to research, increase employee happiness and productivity. A houseplant would be an ideal gift for a distant employee or colleague.

The Fitness-related Equipment

Sending exercise equipment implies that you prioritize the health and well-being of your team members. This may even promote self-care and enhance the environment of your work culture.

The Quirky Office Item

A home office can be made more fun by adding comical office items. A quirky office item is an excellent gift for remote workers as this will create a warm atmosphere even during a work setting.

The Special Meal Delivery

Get to know each of your members and find out what they like to eat and send them a meal from their favourite restaurant. After all, food ties people together. The best meals in the country can be delivered to clients, coworkers, and employees.

The Beer Subscription

Invite a coworker who appreciates rare beers to join the Craft Beer Club. Each Craft Beer Club bundle includes two breweries from two regions and four beer varieties. At the same time, you can invite your teammates to learn about where and how beer is made, as well as different flavours and breweries they should try.


Everybody loves to receive gifts in the mail. As such, sending your remote team awesome gifts is a great way to enhance professional morale and boost your team’s communication skills. Such items can easily make your remote workforce feel grateful and appreciated.

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