What You Need to Know about the Psychology of Greeting Cards

What You Need to Know about the Psychology of Greeting Cards

When we receive custom greeting cards, we will check the envelope, the front image and the back. It is after we see the pictures that we read the message. As you do this, you remember the sender. 

Unknown to many, there is a psychological dimension to greeting cards. Understanding this concept will help you find the right one, especially if you have numerous custom greeting cards to choose from.  

When deciding on the type of custom greeting cards you want to get, think about the receiver first. Here are a few questions to answer:

  • Who will be receiving that greeting card? 
  • What are their needs and wants? 
  • What relationship do you have with them?

The only way to find the right greeting cards is to give yourself a time frame. It will reduce the choices and make it easier to decide. Keep reading to learn more. 

Historical Heritage

People have been exchanging greeting cards for centuries. You might be astounded to know that Europeans made greeting cards as early as the 15th century. These early greeting cards were made of fine parchment. Mailing these greeting cards was a very tedious task, so people preferred giving the card in person.

When the post-service was created in the 18th century, sending greeting cards became easier. A simple greeting card could be exchanged for a different type of card. The feeling of personal touch was lost as the cards were delivered, but the advent of technology brought about a new wave of innovations in custom greeting cards. It brought back the feeling of warmth. 

The Psychological Effect

The majority of people view greeting cards as a form of greeting. However, it can also be used as a medium to express many emotions. It is because greeting cards are a visual platform. It is more effective in conveying our feelings and thoughts. 

Greeting cards also help us express our emotions more delicately. Even if you are good at verbal communication, you will probably fail to express your feelings through words. Many times, you rely on gestures to show your emotions and feelings. Sometimes, it is better to express your genuine feelings through a greeting card.

Expressing Identity

Custom greeting cards are a form of expression and a great way to show off your identity. Many greeting card designers add a personal touch to their greeting cards. You can personalise your greeting card to give it a unique identity. This way, your greeting cards will be viewed as your expression.

These greeting cards are not as expensive as you might think. Ordering your custom greeting card is a lot easier than you expected. You can order the greeting card and customise it according to your taste.


If you are looking for a way to express your emotions, why not have customised greeting cards. These cards are all about delivering your feelings to your loved ones, family or friends while expressing your identity so that you can be appreciated for your efforts. 

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