Cheer Your Friends Up

Different Ways You Can Try to Cheer Your Friends Up

Our friends are just human, so they won’t always be in a welcoming mood. Like us, they'll have their off days. Know them long or well enough, and you'll start to learn more about how they feel about certain things. The best we can do is to be there for them. However, there are some ways you can do even better.

If you want to put a little more into cheering up a friend, try these different ideas:

1. Give Them a Gift

Giving them a gift is a great way to show how much you care. It's a great way of showing that you really want to cheer your friend up. Make it a gift that you know they like, and that will make it all the more special.

2. Listen to Them

Sometimes, just listening to your friend talk about what's on their mind is the best way to cheer them up. Listen to them and show them that you're interested in what they have to say. You'll find that you'll be able to help them out a lot more.

3. Fill Their Stomach

Of course, the best way to cheer someone up is to give them food. No matter what your reason for cheering them up is, food is always a great choice. Buy or make them a nice plate of whatever they like. You fill their stomach and cheer them up. That's two birds with one stone!

4. Take Them Out

Another great way to cheer someone up is to take them out. You can go for a trip to the park, to their favourite store, or to any other place that they want to go. Sometimes, isolating at home may be counterproductive. Take your friend on a fun walk or a crazy adventure, and make new memories!

5. Joke With Them

Be silly! Surround them with humour you know they'll appreciate. Joke with your friend, and make them laugh. Nothing quite hits the soul like having a good laugh with a good friend!

6. Watch a Movie

Maybe your friend doesn't feel like talking but wants you around anyway. That's all right! Suggest watching a movie instead. You can turn on their favourite movie or watch one of those movies you know they like. Just put it on and experience a story together.

7. Write Them a Card

When all else fails, write them a card. Thank them for being such a great friend, and let them know that you always want to be there. Even if it's just three short sentences, write your friend a card to let them know you care for them and want to cheer them up.

It'll be a great way to make them feel better. If they're having a bad day, they'll open the card and be reminded of how much you care.


Understanding how to cheer up a friend can take some time. If you have a friend who's feeling down or gloomy, there are a lot of different ways you can cheer them up. Remember, when all else fails, sometimes just spending time with someone is the best way to cheer them up.

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