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What Should You Write on a Funny Birthday Card? Get Ideas Here!

Are you planning to send someone a funny birthday card, but you don’t know what to write on it? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out. Here are some funny birthday card messages that you can write down: 

Age Antics

There’s nothing wrong with growing older, but if you do decide to make a joke about it on a birthday card, be aware of how it will affect the recipient. Don’t make it rude or condescending; you may hurt your friend’s feelings and create issues in your relationship. Instead, stick to playful antics that are meant to be innocent and fun.

Jokes about a recipient's age are always a hit for birthdays. You can choose to refrain from these jabs if the recipient is particularly sensitive about this topic, but if not, don't hold back. If the recipient is reaching a milestone age, like 30 or 50, let them know how old they are getting. If you are younger than them, you have even more ammo.

Relationship Jokes

A great relationship joke to write on a birthday card for someone is one based on your relationship with the recipient. Think about how you know each other and what you and your friend have shared over the years. Choose your favorite memory and turn that into a joke. This is a great way to keep the card focused on the recipient and what you know about them.

Laughable Quotes

If you are too busy to write a funny birthday card message or if you just prefer not to, you can use a funny quote instead. Quotes are good because they focus on the person and they are a nice change from the generic messages you are probably all too used to seeing on birthday cards.

Inside Jokes

Inside jokes are always a great way to go. With inside jokes, you don’t have to go into detail about a topic; you can just say your inside joke and the recipient will get it and laugh. You can also make the birthday card funny by referencing inside jokes that have happened in the past.

Fun Birthday Wishes

Certain birthday cards are designed to be funny, and a good example is joke birthday cards. Joke birthday cards usually have a funny message on the front, like a cartoon or a picture, and then inside the card, you’ll find the joke.

There are many options for funny birthday cards, so the trick is to find the right ones for you. If you are unsure what to choose, consider ones featuring jokes relevant to the recipient. You should also consider the sense of humor of the recipient. If they are the type of person who doesn’t like jokes, then choose a different type of card.

The Bottomline

A funny birthday card is a perfect way to celebrate the recipient’s birthday. Whether you want to play it safe or take a risk, you should be able to find a funny birthday card that suits your needs. Don’t forget to do your research, so you know which type of card you are getting.

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