Collection: Beach Towels (UK)

How will you use the novelty beach towel?

It's a beach towel, bath towel, or gym towel - you decide.

These are hybrid towels, and they're always there when you need them most - so why are you waiting? Get yours now delivered for free!

We think any purpose for these funny beach towels will give you a lot of pleasure, amusement and use.

What funny beach towels do you have?

Well, now that you're shopping, here are some example use cases to think of for your cotton and polyester towels:

Great for lying on the beach

  •  Sure Shark Redemption towel offers gorgeous pink and blue colours and an appropriate shark scene for passersby to absorb.
  • Life's a beach towel shows what you think of the people around you!

Pop to the local public pool

  • Offer your take on the standard swimming pool experience with the Getting Plastered towel - somewhat apt.
  • Show that you have a temptation for waterslides and booze with the Shots and Giggles towel offering more than you're likely to experience yourself.

Pay a visit to an exclusive membership spa club

  • Just show them what a class act you are with Speed Dating towel. What a gentleman!
  • Or show them how you intend to enjoy your lunchtime japes in the restaurant with the Tossing the Salad towel - one of our rude beach towels!

What kind of jokes are there?

We don't use crude images or filthy language in our jokes. We use cartoon imagery and fun, amusing situations or a play on words instead.

Our shop has a brand that you can trust. For example, we use a bit of wordplay to disguise the double-meaning of particular swear words, if there are any. We take the humour up to the line but try not to cross it.

Who should receive my beach towel gift?

Our website can satisfy your search for an ideal gift for your family, friends and, in some cases, your kids.

Some of the images might be a bit too risqué for the kids, but it depends on their age, and you'll need to make the assessment when shopping. After all, they are cartoon images - it's funny!

What's great about these towels?

The last thing you want to be embarrassed about on the beach is a boring towel. These hilarious, large-sized towels will have everyone laughing and looking at your name in pride!

You'll love the vibrant colours and humour on the large silly towels to take to the beach. The towels' brightly coloured, witty designs will make you giggle with laughter.

Why will you like it?

The rude beach towel image looks excellent in sunny conditions due to the vibrant colours. It will stand out on the beach.

The kids will love it! Towel the smile off your face - your sense of humour has never been so dry.

The microfibre beach towel has a cotton mix giving it a natural quality feel, soft on the skin and touch. The cotton mix provides the natural quality feel of traditional cloth, while machine washability makes it easy to clean! It's a perfect solution for those who seek both comfort and simplicity in their towels.

The beach towel is machine-washable, ensuring it'll always smell fresh and remain silly!

How to ensure a good quality towel? 

We use vector-based graphics to ensure no loss in scaling the imagery. We use bright and vibrant colours to create beautiful graduated shaded backgrounds to set the scene.

  • The microfibre towels are lightweight and durably soft.
  • The funny image prints edge-to-edge.
  • One side of the towels is 100% polyester. The other side of the towels is 100% cotton for drying yourself. Overall the towels are 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester.
  • Three sizes of towels are available for free home delivery. 
Dimensions of the towels:
  • Small towels - 20" x 39" or 50 x 100cm
  • Medium towels - 28" x 55" or 70 x 140cm
  • Large towels -31" x 63" or 80 x 160cm
Where to buy a fun beach towel?

These fun towels by the Plasmablobs brand are only available via our online shop or equivalent social media shop, all with free delivery.

These exclusive designer beach towels are a limited-edition luxury product that you won't find in your local high street shop. Equivalent towels from another online shop will charge an arm and a leg to deliver them - we have free delivery as standard for any order in the UK or USA.

Free Delivery guidance:

After an order from our shop in GBP or USD, we print towels on-demand, which takes 1-3 days. They're then packaged and sent to you in either a matter of 1-2 business days with the choice of tracked delivery or standard free delivery.