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If you're looking for a funny and original way to wish someone a special Happy Birthday, our quirky greeting cards have what your recipient needs! You've shared many laughs with them in the past, so we hope they'll appreciate this novelty present.

Our range includes creative animal-themed designs, puns on famous sayings, and some clever wordplay.

You may not have time to think of something witty when buying gifts every holiday season. Worry no more because we've already done all the hard work ahead of time by designing hilarious personalized greeting cards!

Why get greeting cards from us?

Plasmablobs' funny greeting cards are the perfect gift for pals who appreciate situational comedy and absurd humor.

As a card company, we specialize in greeting cards because we want to help everyone find the perfect greeting card and allow you to write your handwritten message inside for your friends, family, and loved ones.

We know that everyone has different tastes, so we have a wide variety of cards to offer with a variety of humor.

There's no need to go anywhere else because you will find the most hilarious and entertaining greeting card you could ever imagine in our store.

What's great about the designs?

It's sometimes challenging to make new jokes because you can only say many things about specific topics.

It takes a long time and a lot of thought to originate something funny and new, but we have made it our goal to have the most original, funny birthday cards that anyone could imagine.

A greeting card is a perfect way for you to wish someone a special "Happy Birthday" and make them giggle simultaneously.

It's also a great way to let your friend know that they're on your mind, no matter how far away they may be.

When it comes to giving someone one of our humorous greeting cards, there are plenty of good reasons people choose designs from the Plasmablobs online store.

Our hilarious greeting cards feature fresh, unique content, so customers never tire of seeing the same unimaginative jokes again and again.

Why laugh at cartoons?

It's okay to laugh at the cartoon characters because they aren't real people. You're not laughing at real people!

Cartoons and cartoon drawings are famous because they are easy and quick to communicate a message or joke.

Cartoon characters can often find themselves in amusing and comical situations when they're not paying attention. That's what makes them so hilarious to see.

Cartoons are funny, as well as being a great way of presenting information entertainingly.

Ready for a surprise?

The cartoons we draw are also unique because they have events and surprising moments.

You'll be shocked to see what happens next, especially when the character does something unexpected. It produces hilarious birthday cards and is a great way to make someone's day even more special.

As well as being entertaining, cartoons are a great way to reach a wider audience than if you were writing text. When you draw something, anyone can understand your message and its joke.

Besides, our range of funny cartoon greeting cards is terrific because we use high-quality paper and vector graphics to create them. When the birthday card arrives at its destination, it will look unique and inviting.

Why choose funny cards for birthday wishes?

When you're looking for a funny card, there are many things that you want to look out for, and we are here to help make it easier for you.

You'll be able to choose from our funniest range of funny cards because they will have the most entertaining jokes, content, and quick chuckles!

We understand how important it is to customize the inside of your funny card so that you can make the gift as personal and unique as possible.

We also take great care when choosing our materials because they are as crucial as the funny jokes themselves.

You'll get a high-quality product worth keeping, even after the initial opening. What's more, it's the perfect way to store your favorite jokes for future use.

We provide various options, from cartoon situations and even some funny sayings, to help you get the right message across.

We've made it easy to choose something quickly and easily online. Why look anywhere else when this is the best with free delivery?

Let's walk through the creation process

We do the following to compose our images and make the drawings stand out.

  • The main characters and the action in the joke are in the center of the image for focus.

  • The characters have basic features like hair, hands, legs, clothes, expressions of sorts, or exaggerated features.

  • We color the characters with bright colors, for example, pinks, blues, and yellows, for vibrancy.

  • We ensure the background is colorful and scenic, perhaps with mountains, sea, and grassy fields.

  • We add objects or text for amusement in the background to make the scene more interesting, for example, a parrot or a whale.

  • We add some activity lines to show motion and direction to add a frantic touch to the image.

  • Bright colors pop off every page as hilarious cartoon characters get into sticky situations.

Sharing a Happy Birthday with friends

Surprise your friends and loved ones with one of our greeting cards. You can't go wrong with these options!

Share a great sense of humor? You're sure they will enjoy it!

With creative ideas that are novel and unusual, you know this will be one hilarious gift. And they will remember you for giving them something so unique!

What card designs do you have by humor type?

Why should you send a funny birthday card?

Humor follows unexpected events. Therefore it is a surprise, and who doesn't like a surprise?

For instance, if someone is talking about something they enjoy and suddenly gets interrupted by something funny. This individual might not have been expecting humor in the conversation, so their reaction is one of surprise.

Sometimes reading a funny card can turn an otherwise irritating day around, giving the recipient a much-needed pleasant break.

Funny jokes to put in a birthday card

A greeting card message is a brief comment on the person’s special occasion for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events with anything from funny to sentimental birthday wishes.

Consider adding some funny birthday card messages, something that resonates with the recipient.

Undeniably, the best card messages are witty, humorous, or even downright cheeky.

Funny messages could include very odd or nonsensical words or some amusing drawings. Cards containing quirky pictures, cartoons, or unique quotes are considered humorous.

Of course, you don't have to be a certified genius to write an appropriate but amusing birthday greeting; even if it is not fantastic, it shows you care and that it's personal.

Why is laughing good for you?

A good laugh is one of the best ways to break up your day and relieve your stress.

Your blood pressure drops when you're laughing, and you feel more relaxed. You also release endorphins into your system, which are hormones that make you feel good!

In our store, you will find various types of comic birthday cards. The designs are typically comedic and appeal to situational comedy and stupid humor.

The goal is to make recipients laugh with something they can relate to or share with their friends.

All the different styles help give a wide variety of choices when looking for a card to send as a gift for someone special.

The recipient will be pleasantly surprised with an entertaining card that will bring them joy on their special day!

What about the choice?

We know that it's challenging to know what sort of card you should be getting someone for a special occasion.

We also appreciate that there is no point in guessing regarding humor, so we have a range of great options.

A funny greeting card may be just the thing for those who are hard to buy for or if you want to make sure you get a laugh from your friends and family.

Our cards will make them chuckle but not go all the way around the bend!

Our card company can offer something for everyone, as we know that some people prefer crude humor, puns, cartoons, or jokes, whereas others may like slapstick comedy and witty one-liners.


  • You can choose from two different sizes

  • The card is high-quality premium Fedrigoni paper.

  • Choose packs of either A5 (larger) or 7" x 5" (smaller).

  • Our cards are printed using the finest paper stock and come beautifully packaged with a white envelope - everything you need to make your friends feel special this season.

  • A bonus? All of our funny cards are blank inside, which means you can add a suitable message for any occasion!

  • The single cards are for those who want only 1 or 2 cards without buying a pack.

  • The packs of 10 offer a seriously discounted price for those who love the artwork and send an occasional card to different people.

Delivery guidance:

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Note: Greeting cards online by mail for customers in the USA mainland only. Price includes taxes & standard USA delivery.