Collection: Tea Towels (UK)

Why buy a designer tea towel?

The best part about tea towels is that it's not just about the dry time and scrubbing power but all of the fun you could have with them in the kitchen.

How to brighten up the kitchen

Why not put these unusual tea towels on your kitchen wall? Don't put a boring one on the wall!

Who does this gift suit?

Add a great new gift for a friend or family member into your shopping basket. It's got to be someone who loves tea and wants to add this to their collection.

A treat just for you

A tea towel is an excellent gift for yourself. Add this luxury item to your household without having to worry about the price.

How do you like to relax?

Do you enjoy an excellent novel or magazine cover-to-cover while having a cup of tea in the morning?

Wash up the teacup afterwards and laugh at the unusual tea towels!

How to choose?

Does the design fit with your personality - are you colourful and funny? Does your kitchen need some colourful items in it? Where else could this colourful decoration add some joy?

After using your tea towel

When you have finished using your tea towel, please put it on the radiator as soon as possible to dry. It will help you save resources such as water and electricity, which are both critical for our planet.

What is a designer tea towel?

A beautifully designed product bursting with colour having good drying times will always be considered a designer tea towel.

What about the price of a tea towel?

You might think that you have to spend lots of money, but this is not the case. We have cheap designer tea towels in our shop which are still of outstanding quality.

Ensure the tea towel is clean before use

Many things may contaminate a designer tea towel, including dust and dirt. Try to prevent these from settling on your product.

How to look after the design?

You should know that it will never be fully washable due to the pattern on it.

How to care for the tea towel

There are many ways to clean your new tea towel, whether to wash on a low dryer or use the washing machine.

Take care of your product

Use recommended care products and when cleaning your item.

Shopping costs

When shopping to get your new designer tea towel and considering the price, ensure sure you think about the quality of the product.

Quality is worth the price

Remember that this is a much-needed item to add to your kitchen, to use every day. It is essential to shop for something that will last!

Production times

Production times vary but usually are very short in 1-3 days.

Delivery times

Remember to allow for postage when ordering your item from our online store; it's usually 1-2 days after production.


It is vital to recycle fabric materials to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-conscious.

Councils often collect material items at Recycling centres, or charity shops may add old designer tea towels to their collection.

Are you buying designer tea towels online?

If you are looking to buy your new designer tea towel online, you need to make sure that the website is safe and secure.

Online shopping: how safe is it?

The protection of customer data within the shop is critical to the survival of most online businesses.

Is Plasmablobs safe?

Shopify has some of the best GDPR and PCI-DSS policies available on e-commerce stores. The Plasmablobs website is a Shopify Shop.

How do I make sure that I can get the right size?

As an idea, compare your current tea towel to the item you are interested in buying from our designer shop.

Please enjoy!

We hope our designer tea towels help add some colour to your life at the right price!

Stand out

Our funny designs stand out, and we print on one side only.

Don't wring us...

Wringing the tea towel could make the colours run, impacting the quality of the design. Use a radiator, clothes horse, our outside washing line in windy weather instead!


  • Cotton-linen
  • Single-sided print in colour
  • Hanging loop
  • 70 cm x 50cm
  • New and handmade to order items


Wash at 30°C; low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

Free Delivery guidance:

Once you order at an excellent price from our shop in GBP, we print your new products on-demand in the United Kingdom, which takes 1-3 days.

The new products are packaged and sent to you in either 1-2 business days with the choice of tracked delivery or standard free delivery (presently in the United Kingdom only).