FAQ - know Plasmablobs better


Here's some potential questions you might have in visiting our site. We hope that the answers are useful.
  • Q. You haven't heard of Plasma Blobs, Plasmablobs or Plasmablobs Ltd. You worry about trusting the company as you are safety conscious online.
  • A. We launched on 22 Mar 20 and we're a small business based in Bristol UK. You can trust this business. We're a UK company registered with Companies House and with a UK business account. We have Business-level Facebook, Instagram and Shopify accounts to name but a few. It's worth noting that to get these kind of accounts, especially for banking and advertising, you need to provide business and personal ID, such as Incorporation Certificates, Business Bank Account details and Passport details. We're not registered for VAT yet but that will change with revenues and age. Our business is primarily the greetings/birthday cards along with the additional merchandise.

  • Q. You are wary about handing over Debit/Credit/PayPal/Amazon payment details. You want to know that it's safe.
  • A. We use the Shopify eCommerce solution and we pay them a % for each product sold. Shopify manage the payments solution and storage of your details on our behalf for the purposes of the relationship. Shopify have an excellent track record of PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) certification and compliance. As an organisation, we have obligations with your personal contact/delivery details (stored on secure Shopify servers) which we also take very seriously. So overall you're in very good hands - it's critical to get right at the core of our business!


  • Q. You're excited about your product and you want a quick delivery.
  • A. Our Print-On-Demand suppliers are in control of production timings. The print job occurs and the products are packaged - ready for delivery. This can take 1-5 days depending on the exact product and our vendor partner. The courier will deliver in 1-3 days typically, unless express shipping is paid for.


  • Q. You love the products but want some more comedic designs.
  • A. We hear you and that's our aim! The main focus of the business is to produce continual comedy themes and products.


  • Q. Why do products have UK/USA labelling? 
  • A. We are selling to 2 regional markets, the UK/USA, with the UK as a focus. We aim to give customers the best price, the quickest in-country delivery and the avoidance of any import duties. We have selected 2 vendors so far to accomplish this. We think this is worth offering you a product to select by country. To assist we've recently introduced products grouped by country. This keeps the product numbers per group low and relevant. Our vendors are improving their reach, simplification and product selection. In time this should allow us to simplify or adapt our product selection process in the future as required.


  • Q. I want more physical products, for example a funny dog bed.
  • A. We are keen to hear what you want and what you would find funny, or indeed how to improve existing products. Please use our contact form and we'll try and get in touch.


  • Q. I have some suggestions to make things funnier.
  • A. If you are happy to offer your thoughts for free and they are original, then please get in touch. Remember that we are trying to keep the jokes fairly clean and family-friendly. We also cannot make any promises to take on any ideas. We have to retain the copyright for commercial protection.