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Beach Towels - Animal Put Downs (USA)

Beach Towels - Animal Put Downs (USA)

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This beach towel is in a light baby blue color, featuring a Siamese cat and a brown spotted dog enjoying a bit of air banter. Meanwhile, a turbo-hamster and UFO zip past without incident.

You'll love the vibrant colors and humor on your cartoon beach towel. We may list it as a beach towel, but you may want to use it as a bath towel, as part of your regular set of swimming towels, or perhaps even a gym towel. We think any purpose would provide you with much pleasure and amusement.

We think the comedy images look fantastic on the large format landscape-orientated towel. The characters look hilarious being so big, and the comedy is so blatant at that size.

  • As a beach towel: The funny picture on the silly beach towel looks excellent in sunny conditions and would make you stand out on the beach. Or, while stretched out at the pool, you'll know which lounger is yours, that's for sure. This large towel will be excellent at reserving your spot without confusion – it'll be a unique towel in the crowd of boring white beach towels.
  • As a swimming towel: take this funny towel to the poolside to chill out after a few lengths. Or these would be perfect as children's swimming towels.
  • As a bath towel: At home, when used as a standard bath sheet, the color and humor on these excellent bathroom accessories will brighten your day. A set of these colorful bath sheets will look fun folded up in an airing cupboard waiting for subsequent use.
  • As a gym towel: Why not have a bit of fun after your workout using these gym towels to take with you or use alongside you with the gym equipment. They'll undoubtedly make you stand out and are bound to start conversations with hunky guys or hot babes nearby.

The micro-fiber and cotton mix (front/back, respectively) give the towel an excellent quality soft on the skin and the touch. The towel is machine-washable, ensuring it'll always smell fresh and look great! The pile is perfect for a snooze in the garden or for cosseting yourself after a nice hot bath. 


  • Care instructions: Wash/Dry on gentle cycle. Avoid bleach and other whiteners.
  • The microfiber beach towels are lightweight and durably soft.
  • The funny image is printed edge-to-edge on one side made of 100% polyester leaving the other side as 100% cotton for drying yourself. Overall it's 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester.
  • One size is available. 

Product Dimensions and weight:

  • Large is 36" x 72" or 91 x 182cm

Animal Put Downs

Who is wagging the tail here? Someone has paw judgment, and it's a whisker away from disaster! We need these animals down immediately before someone gets hurt.

Pilots are always calm, polite, and professional until they fly ridiculous animal vehicles! It is a cat vs. dog conflict, where there's undoubtedly no winner? Air rage brings out the animalistic side of anyone. It's best not to rise to it, maybe rise above it. Can they land a nice friendship in the end, despite their terrible altitude problem?

These are only available via our online store or associated social media shops. You won't find them in typical bricks-and-mortar stores on the high street.

Delivery guidance:

We print your product on-demand, which takes 1-6 days. It's then packaged and sent in 6-12 days, depending on your choice of tracked or free standard shipping for delivery.

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