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Beach Towels - Shots and Giggles (UK)

Beach Towels - Shots and Giggles (UK)

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What will you use the towel for?

It's a beach towel, bath towel, or gym towel - you decide.

These are hybrid towels, and they're always there when you need them most - so what are you waiting for? Get yours now delivered for free!

We think any purpose for these funny beach towels will give you a lot of pleasure, amusement and use.

What's great about these towels?

The last thing you want to be embarrassed about on the beach is a boring towel. These hilarious, large-sized towels will have everyone laughing and looking at your name in pride!

You'll love the vibrant colours and humour on the large landscape orientation silly towels to take to the beach. The towels' brightly coloured, witty designs will make you giggle with laughter.

The funny beach towel image looks excellent in sunny conditions due to the vibrant colours; it will - really stand out on the beach.

The kids will love it! Towel the smile off your face - your sense of humour has never been so dry.

The microfibre beach towel has a cotton mix giving it a natural quality feel, soft on the skin and touch. The cotton mix provides the natural quality feel of traditional cloth, while machine washability makes it easy to clean! It's a perfect solution for those who seek both comfort and simplicity in their towels.

The beach towel is machine-washable, ensuring it'll always smell fresh and remain silly!

  • The microfibre towels are lightweight and durably soft.
  • The funny image is printed edge-to-edge.
  • One side of the towels is made from 100% polyester. The other side of the towels is 100% cotton for drying yourself. Overall the towels are 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester.
  • 3 sizes of towels are available for free home delivery. 
Dimensions of the towels:
  • Small towels - 20" x 39" or 50 x 100cm
  • Medium towels - 28" x 55" or 70 x 140cm
  • Large towels -31" x 63" or 80 x 160cm

Shots and Giggles

This was the most relaxing holiday that they had ever experienced! 

All G'inclusive is a holiday attraction abroad that combines water slides with cocktails. This amusing attraction celebrates our love of letting go, having a drink, and relaxing in the sun.

Bounce, slide, laugh, and drink away with a fun-filled day at our waterpark! Dive in and get wet! Why don't you enjoy some iced beer, cocktails, or a perfect swim?

It's not just a pool. It's an experience. Want something fizzy? Then head over to the Tonic Waterfall and Spritzer Springs! If you want something even more unusual, then try out one of the optic showers, with so many different types of drinks to choose from; whiskeys, rum, tequila bourbon and gin - all with a view of the pools. 

Our Cosmopolitan zone is open for business, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you're swimming to get back to the queue.

This non-family-friendly venue allows you to combine cocktails with an exhilarating water ride. There are four different slides on offer: Holy Shot, Depth Charge, Leg Spreader and Screwdriver.

Holy Shot is the holy grail of thrill-seeking, amen. Naughty but nice! For those who prefer something companionable, then open yourself up to the Leg Spreader. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for adults to let go and have fun or cling on for dear life! This is the perfect place for a party, with something to suit everyone's tastes. No one will find their way home, but they will be happy and refreshed wherever they end up! So come on over to All G'inclusive this summer for fun in the sun with friends and family!

Where to buy a fun beach towel?

These fun towels by the Plasmablobs brand are only available via our online shop or equivalent social media shop, all with free delivery.

These exclusive designer beach towels UK are a limited-edition luxury product that you won't find in your local high street shop. Equivalent towels from another online shop will charge an arm and a leg to deliver them - we have free delivery as standard for any order in the UK or USA.

Free Delivery guidance:

Once your order from our shop, your towels are printed on-demand, which takes 1-3 days. They're then packaged and sent to you in either a matter of 1-2 business days with the choice of tracked delivery or standard free delivery.


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