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Beach Towels - Shots and Giggles (USA) Poly face with Cotton loop backing

Beach Towels - Shots and Giggles (USA)

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This designer beach towel shows people enjoying alcohol-themed rides at a water park next to a large green mountain and the shore. The sky is a light blue with radiant yellow sunbeams and the sandy beach is just visible next to the deep blue sea waterfront. The water slides are purple, pink, red and green. At the centre is a pink cosmopolitan drink within a chill out area at the Cosmo Zone.

You’ll love the vibrant colours and humour on the comedy images and large landscape orientation silly beach towels. The characters look hilarious being so big and the comedy is so blatant at that size.

The funny image on the designer beach towel looks great in sunny conditions and would really make you stand out on the beach.

    The microfibre beach towel has a cotton mix giving it a natural quality feel, soft on the skin and to the touch. The silly beach towel is machine-washable ensuring it’ll always smell fresh and remain silly! 


    • The microfibre beach towels are lightweight and durably soft.
    • The funny image is printed edge-to-edge on one side made of 100% polyester leaving the other side as 100% cotton for drying yourself. Overall it’s 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester.
    • 3 sizes are available. 

    Product Dimensions:

    • Small is 20" x 39" or 50 x 100cm
    • Medium is 28" x 55" or 70 x 140cm
    • Large is 31" x 63" or 80 x 160cm

      Shots and Giggles

      This was the most relaxing holiday that they had ever experienced! 

      Shots and Giggles celebrates our love of letting go, having a drink and relaxing in the sun. What better way to do that than to combine alcohol with a water park - what could possibly go wrong?! The amusing water park featured is part of a holiday package, called All Ginclusive. There are a number of thrill rides, such as Holy Shot, Depth Charge and the Screwdriver. Fancy something slower? Then try the Leg Spreader or the Sloe Ride. All the water park slides have their names based on popular cocktail drinks! The places of utter relaxation include the Cosmo Zone and the Beer Jacuzzi. To shower off afterwards, or even during your swim, there is a selection of optic showers, with Whiskey, Rum, Tequilla, Bourbon and Gin. Lastly, to just enjoy a good old drink, head over to Spritzer Springs or the Tonic Waterfall to glug it down!

      Where to buy a fun beach towel?

      These fun beach towels are only available via our online store or associated social media shops. You won’t find them in typical bricks-and-mortar stores on the high street.  

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