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Mugs - Animal Put Downs (UK)

Mugs - Animal Put Downs (UK)

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Who is wagging the tail here? Someone has paw judgement, and it's a whisker away from disaster! We need these animals down immediately before someone gets hurt.

You have a great sense of humour and enjoy laughing. You'll be thrilled with the purchase of your new funny mugs.

You may soon pick a favourite coffee mug to give you a regular laugh. You will enjoy seeing these novelty mugs in your cupboards with vibrant colours and amusing comedy scenes. You will recall the main point of the joke and appreciate the quality of the funny picture.

Short of mugs at work? Take a number of these mugs in and get your colleagues talking. What we like about the images is the scenic background. 

When you're ready, why not get a set of funny mugs to provide you with plenty to offer your guests? And it will allow you to serve your friends and family with different coffee mugs each time. The funny scenes are very colourful, and the cartoon style is very satisfying to the eye.


  • Our 11oz top quality mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • The mugs are pure white orca coated.
  • The funny image wraps around the mugs.
  • A lovely glossy varnish finish brings the comedy image to life.

Product dimensions and weight:

  • Weight is 325grams or 11 oz.
  • Height 9.7cm or 3 and 13/16ths inches.
  • Width (without handle) 8.1cm or 3 and 3/16ths inches.

Animal Put Downs

Pilots are always calm, polite and professional until Airlines force them to fly ridiculous animal vehicles, that is! It is a cat vs dog conflict, where there's undoubtedly no winner? Air rage brings out the animalistic side of anyone. It's best not to rise to it, maybe rise above it. These guys have a terrible altitude problem, but hopefully, they'll land a nice friendship in the end.

Delivery guidance:

We print your product on-demand, which takes 1-3 days. It's then packaged and sent in 1-2 days.

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