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Mugs - Fashion Victim (UK)

Mugs - Fashion Victim (UK)

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You will find these novelty mugs hysterical and delight in the vivid colors of the graphics. And with each new mug-full, you’ll get a regular laugh from your drinking companion. You’ll recall the most hilarious point of the joke and love that they are made with quality materials. Purchase some for your family or as gifts for others that like to laugh!

As we all know, drinking coffee or tea is the ritual start to a bustling morning. It's an excuse to meet with friends and loved ones alike for some good company. However, there has never been such a close minded group as British office workers who fear what their colleagues will think of them if they drink their beverage from anything but a boring old mug. Now it can be your time to stand out as you get coffees in these mugs and show off to your mates who just doesn't have that great taste in mugs!

Add some humour to your morning coffee with these funny mugs - perfect for any occasion. These witty mugs are a must have for the kitchen or office staff, and an excellent gift idea.

If you want to laugh your way through your day with a hot drink in each hand. Obtain these humorous mugs today! It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there will be something here for you. The cartoon-style graphics are bright and colourful, immediately drawing the eye into the mug where a mishap has happened. Better hurry before someone drinks out of this one!


  • This domestic item is dishwasher and microwave safe, with 11oz measure.
  • The beautiful pure white orca coated mug has a glossy varnish finish.
  • It has been printed on all sides (height 9.7cm, width 8.1cm) of the mug in full colour images - perfect for any occasion!

    Fashion Victim

    It's time to take a passion for fashion to the next level!

    Pete, the international baggage handler, has turned security guard for his own safety and to give him new privileged access.

    With his social media followers behind him, he is set to make a name for himself in true style.

    He's determined to break into fashion, so he's borrowed a fellow model's bikini! He hopes his favourite trendier looks will empower him.

    He expects quite a reaction when he premieres at City Fashion week.

    Now that he has given up his old life as a faithful airport employee, Pete is going to make waves in fashion.

    Some would say it's a little early for swimwear, but Pete the baggage handler is always ahead of the curve. Now is the time to smuggle himself in.

    Pete told himself that "as a trend setter I will always be ahead of the latest trends. I am not the type to wear a t-shirt and jeans, not when I have a wardrobe full of classic designer clothes."

    Pete decided he wanted to be the next top model years ago. "I will be rich and famous some day when I am the next big thing in fashion!"

    Pete prided himself on being a trend-setter, but right now he was struggling to find his niche.

    The only way for him to make it as a model was to stand out from everyone else, so he decided that it was his turn in the limelight.

    Be the fashion victim

    You need something to give your friends or family this year. Give them their very own mug bearing the hilarious “Fashion Victim” imagery.

    Fashion crimes

    Proudly show off how you are a not-so-innocent bystander in ever-growing fashion crimes! 

    We all know those people who are obsessed with what they're wearing. You may even be one!

    Public mugging

    You have felt that you'd be laughed at and thought of as childish because of my irrational fear of public attention.

    Others may have gotten over their fear and changed their opinion, so this is an irrational belief.

    This is a mug that people can see and enjoy. It's not the normal kind you drink from. People like interesting mugs as presents, something that stirs it up inside them.

    Loving mug life

    Friends and family will enjoy the impact it makes, as the colourful joke created by us is so clear and amusing.

    What better way to show them you care by giving the gift of a Fashion Victim mug.

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