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Mugs - Flames Of Glory (USA)

Mugs - Flames Of Glory (USA)

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Brian is back but this time he's got a taste for a hotter curry.

You have a great sense of humor and enjoy having a laugh. You’ll be thrilled with your purchase of your new funny mugs. You have a great sense of humor and enjoy having a laugh.

You’ll be thrilled with your purchase of your new funny mugs. You will enjoy seeing these novelty mugs in your cupboards with their vibrant colors and amusing comedy scene.

You may soon pick a favorite coffee mug to give you a regular laugh. You will recall the main point of the joke and appreciate the quality of the comical picture.

Short of mugs at work? Take a number of these mugs in and get your colleagues talking. What we like about the images is the scenic backgrounds.

Apart from the main joke is that there is often a secondary amusement factor to complement it. This could be background characters for example, or just something to set the scene.

When you’re ready, why not get a set of funny mugs? This will provide you with plenty to offer your guests and it will allow you to serve your friends and family with different coffee mugs each time. The funny scenes are very colorful, and the cartoon style is very satisfying to the eye.


  • Our 11oz top quality mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • The mugs are pure white orca coated.
  • The funny image is printed all the way around the mugs.
  • There is a lovely glossy varnish finish to bring the comedy image to life.

Product dimensions and weight

  • Weight is 325grams or 11 oz.
  • Height 9.7cm or 3 and 13/16ths inches.
  • Width (without handle) 8.1cm or 3 and 3/16ths inches.

Flames of Glory

This is a return of Brian the pigeon. He's still enjoying curry and the unexpected results, which have escalated some what. Unfortunately the cars fall victim to his antics again, feeling the brunt of his delivery. The legendary status of Brian the pigeon continues - he’s still a hero and now he even attracts admirers. Your friends and family will be delighted to receive the mugs as funny gifts. It’s great fun and they will enjoy the sharp quality of image and sharp sense of humor used to create the comedy. You will enjoy the impact that it makes, as the colorful joke and scene is so clear and amusing. Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive such funny gifts. What better way to say happy birthday, or perhaps for surprise gifts for men in particular? For example, Father’s Day gifts for Dad, or as one of your birthday gifts for him? These are only available via our online store or associated social media shops. You won’t find them in typical bricks-and-mortar stores on the high street.

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It’s then packaged and sent from the USA in up to 4 days depending your choice of tracked or free standard delivery.

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