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Mugs - Whack A Moley (UK)

Mugs - Whack A Moley (UK)

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"It'll be quick to bash this out of the kitchen", the waiter said...


  • Our 11oz top-quality mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • The mugs are pure white orca coated.
  • The funny image is printed around the mugs.
  • A lovely glossy varnish finish brings the comedy image to life.

Product dimensions and weight:

Weight is 325grams or 11 oz.

Height 9.7cm or 3 and 13/16ths inches.

Width (without handle) 8.1cm or three and 3/16ths inches.

Whack A Moley

Karen's order was pretty straightforward, but the waiter served a surprise! He said he could "quickly bash it out of the kitchen", but this is not as she imagined! The waiter often received unusual orders and was game on for his customer's "special request"! "Whack A Moley" used to be one of his favourite games from his childhood, so he was a bit disappointed with Karen's reaction.

Delivery guidance:

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