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The Midnight Mishap - Santa's Snooze Alarm Card

The Midnight Mishap - Santa's Snooze Alarm Card

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Enter the realm of festive blunders with "The Midnight Mishap - Santa's Snooze Alarm Card," where a cosy Christmas Eve slumber turns into a comical race against the clock, all with a charming British flair.

The card sets the scene at ten to midnight on Xmas Eve, and who's tucked in bed? Santa himself, spectacles askew, and a look of 'Oh, crumpets!' on his face. Mrs. Claus stands, hands on hips, delivering the quintessential line, "You had one job!" while the reindeer peek through the window, sleigh at the ready.

It's a whimsical wink at those 'down to the wire' moments, especially during the holidays. The card is a perfect fit for those who find humour in the holly-jolly rush or anyone who's ever needed just 'five more minutes' in the morning.

With its vibrant illustration capturing a relatable holiday hiccup, this card is a must-have for spreading laughter and light-heartedness. Printed on high-quality card stock, it's an invitation to share in the universal joke of time slipping away when we need it most.  

Don't dally now; add "The Midnight Mishap - Santa's Snooze Alarm Card" to your basket for a good-natured giggle. It's the perfect way to say 'Merry Christmas' with a touch of humour and heart, reminding us that even Santa can hit the snooze button too many times.

This card is not just a festive greeting; it's a delightful depiction of Christmas Eve anticipation, a nudge to enjoy every minute, and a gentle reminder to set the alarm.

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