About us

🌟 Welcome to Plasmablobs Ltd - Humour Delivered in Every Card 🌟

Our Story: Born from a light-hearted banter between friends, Plasmablobs Ltd leapt into existence to fill a gap in the market for genuinely funny cards. Launched with a vision to add a dash of humour to every occasion, our journey began with the simple idea that greeting cards could be more than just well-wishes—they could be a source of laughter and joy. Though now a solo venture, the essence of shared humour continues to be the heartbeat of our creations.

Our Speciality: At Plasmablobs Ltd, we believe that a good chuckle is the best gift. Our cards are crafted with one primary ingredient - humour. We focus solely on creating greeting cards that guarantee a giggle, a snort, or even a hearty laugh. Tailored for anyone with a sense of humour, our collection is particularly popular among men, but also cherished by women seeking a fun twist in their greetings.

Our Commitment to Sustainability: We're not just about laughs; we take our planet seriously. Operating on a Print On Demand model, we ensure sustainability is at the forefront. Our cards are not only humorous but also environmentally conscious, made from materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. We shun solvent inks and plastics, leaning towards eco-solvent inks and recyclable materials, making our products kinder to Mother Earth.

Our Vision for the Future: Plasmablobs Ltd aspires to craft a card for every occasion, every moment worth a smile, throughout the year. Our goal is to build a comprehensive collection of funny cards that cater to every celebration, ensuring that your message of joy is always wrapped in laughter.

Engaging with Our Community: We keep the conversation going with our customers through Google My Business, Facebook, and Pinterest. Through these platforms, we not only advertise but also share updates and engage with our audience. We're always exploring new ways to connect, and who knows? The future might bring more avenues for interaction.

Join Our Journey of Joy and Jokes: Dive into our world where every card is a burst of laughter waiting to happen. Whether you're commemorating a special occasion or just want to spread some cheer, our cards are your go-to for a memorable message. Give Plasmablobs Ltd a try, and let's fill the world with more smiles, one card at a time!