About us

Picture of a plane shaped like a dog taking off

On 22 Mar 2020 Plasma Blobs launched from Bristol UK. We are a properly registered UK company and you can trust that you'll get a quality product from us.

We built our company following our own experience of disappointment when looking for funny birthday cards in standard retail stores in person. There are often a limited humorous set of cards, or the quality of the humour is pretty basic and overused.

Our vision is to create original comedy situations that we've conceived ourselves, introducing new characters not seen before. The company's mission is to sell these cartoon style humorous products with worldwide delivery - totally original content that you won't find anywhere else.

We love the cartoon style of comedy and the bright vibrant colours and imagination involved in producing them. We launched with 11 comedy themes available on a range of products with more in the pipeline.

Our general aim is to amuse with colourful graphics and amusing harmless jokes. We believe it's comforting to have funny products around you, where you know that the aim of the product was to create amusement and some relief. The originality of the humour will not only brighten your day now, but it will hopefully have a long-lasting effect.

We hope that the variety of products that we have chosen to merge with the comedy imagery, means that it should be possible to find a product you desire. We are certain that you will continue to enjoy your product long after your purchase with us.

It's a "Ruff" time to start a company but we hope you'll help us get to our destination.