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About us

Plasmablobs Ltd created an explosion of colours across the night sky with their launch on March 22nd 2020. You can trust that you'll get a quality product from us, as this company is registered in Bristol UK and has been providing customers for years now!

When we set out to build our company, it was as a result of being disappointed by the cards in standard retail stores. There are often limited humorous sets and overused jokes that make us cringe, when looking for something funny on one's birthday. That is why our vision has always been to create original comedy situations with new characters not seen before, as well provide quality humour from start-to-finish. 

The company has been building a reputation for providing original and fun products to the masses. The mission is simple: provide customers with imaginative, colourful and funny items that can be delivered in the UK and beyond.

Our current range of cartoon style humorous products are total originals - new ideas which will continue on into more exciting things in future releases. We're up for anything - so see what we've got coming next!

The Company strives to provide original and funny products. We try our best to make the perfect merchandise for every customer, satisfying everyone's needs with the current range of items with more on the horizon.

Our goal is to make your day brighter with our whimsical, fun products. We want you to be able to laugh and enjoy yourself during the everyday stresses of life at home or work.

We believe that laughter is a great way for people in all walks of life to combat stressors caused by their busy lives! Our original graphics are an entertaining alternative when looking for something new and different. 

The company has achieved this by creating various humorous designs that can brighten your day now, as well as in the future. Be sure to check out these amusing creations for yourself!

Hopefully, it will have a long-lasting effect on you and anyone who sees them around you, whether at home or work, and especially if they need cheering up!

Through our company's collaborations with artists, designers and other creatives, there is sure to be a design for you. We want your purchase of one of the many products we offer to feel special - something that will last long after it makes its way into your hands.

We want you to give us a try! We hope that our dedication and hard work will win you over.